There are 2000 acres of woodland on the Estate including remnant traces of the native birch and Scots Pine together with large areas of woodland planted in the 1980‘s. A large  range of native species also exist including Caledonian pine and Birch grown from our own seed

The Strathvaich native Scots Pinewood is one of the most northerly fragments left from the ancient Caledonian Forest. Over the last 20 years it has been carefully managed to encourage regeneration. This very important as many of the existing mature trees are anything up to 200 years old.

Conservation efforts have been rewarded with the appearance of new flushes of seedlings and saplings visible in recent years. This should help to ensure the wood’s future and allow the special ancient woodland habitat, flora and fauna to survive. A major project is underway. Fence lines have been altered to extend the Pine forest’s protection, and a three year program of brush-cutting and other habitat improvement is currently underway.

The pinewood is reached from Strathvaich Lodge due north along the west face of Loch Vaich, albeit with a scramble over the Glas Toll Mor burn!

Currently there is an ambitious program of woodland improvement underway which will see the 1980’s plantations opened to the red deer herd releasing fresh ground for trees to re-established in areas of Open Hill which were traditionally woodland

The larger plantations support a nationally important population of Black Grouse which are managed carefully by the Estate. Through the current conservation policies  they preserved and protected